The war

Morning all, hope you are well. My beloved Husband started a skirmish this morning, but I have won the war. He just doesn’t know it yet.

I love Norse metal. I really love Norse metal music.

When he woke up this morning, I was in a wall of pain. The first words out of his mouth were not Good morning. He bitched and kvetched like an old woman in a wheelchair. It was loud, bright, and laced with barbed wire.

I put on the noise canceling headphones, watched that one coffee dude on youtube describe different coffee makers until I fell asleep. 5 hours later, I woke up.

On heading to the necessary, his kvetching and such returned. I heard him through the bathroom door. As I sat there, trying to figure out which end was up, I realized that the little turdlet that I married was doing this on purpose.


I grabbed the first cuppa, and rather than listen to his bitching, I hooked up the speaker I usually only use for errands. I started with “My Mother Told Me” and am now on Krigsgaldr by Heilung. It sounds like demons squalling.

Now, if I was going to be an evil wretch, I would play old country music, from the 60’s through the 90’s. If I was very vindictive, I would play Gangsta rap. I’m not.

The variation of the music is good enough to drown out the kvetching. He can hear the beat in the background, and some of the growls. What I can’t hear, is the kvetching.

Game. Set. Match. -L

Note: I am in another room, and the music is drowning out his growling. It’s all good. The music isn’t really loud enough that he can hear it.

Update: He had a bit of a nap, and seems much calmer now. I’m back to wearing my noise canceling headphones, and life is proceeding as normal as it can be with two lunatics who are married to each other.


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