I’m a snotty mess right now.

His name was Sherbert. He was lost in a housefire in 1985. He was the most important thing in my world. I was 12 when he went away forever.

He was a stuffed railroad engineer dog I suppose I got for Christmas one year. I named him Sherbert, because that same year, I had sherbet for the first time, and I liked it. (My favorite flavor was rainbow.)

A lady on tiktok recently posted a video about how she found her husband’s favorite childhood stuffed animal. He was a foster child, and lost his favorite along the way. I took her advice.

Holy crap, it took just an image search with the right terms. I’d been looking for him for Years, but was using the wrong search terms. I saw his picture, and started bawling.

A few short clicks later, and miraculously, on a day I really needed this… Sir Rainbow Sherbert the 2nd will be coming home. He will be here the 8th or so. I couldn’t afford to do it, but it’s been really hard lately.

I my case, Sir Sherbert is a stuffed engineer dog from the 1970’s. Almost impossible to find. But he will be here soon. Maybe there’s hope for me too.



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