I wanna play!

Morning all, the most important males in my universe are sleeping soundly. I’m sitting at the desk with late summer allergies. IE, I’m a bucket of snot, and need to blow my dose. BRB.

Crap, my coffee mug just notified me that until I get up and go back to the coffee maker, I’m not going to be happy. BRB.

I’m out of cigarettes…

I gotta pee…

I want my tai bear….

Duke is adorable…

Are we there yet?!!!!!


Okay, not that the temper tantrum in my mind is sorted. Let’s get down to business….


Excuse me, while I take my brain out to the back 40 and give it a walluping because it isn’t co-operating, at freaking all.

Sniff… Better now, lets get down to business.

Today is a lovely summer day. I want to dig out the water bottles, clear the car, and head to the park. I think I will do that. Hope you have a good one my friends. -L