I’m too…

Morning all, the boys are fine, and I’m yawning over the coffee in my cup. Still have lightning strikes hitting at random thoughout, but hey I can’t fight it.

I’m working on a few small hand things at the desk right now. I have fallen in absolute love with certain stitch repeats. So, I do little swatchlings of those. It’s soothing, and helps me focus on anything other than.

There is an old song by Right Said Fred that is running rampant through my skull. This ear worm is driving me absolutely bonkers, and I’m typing along to the beat. The funny part? I’m not listening to music. I got overstimulated again somehow, and the ear worm is a lesser of two weavels.

I know, two pop culture references in one paragraph, growl at me later. I’m going to make myself another 18th century pocket with some of the stitching I’m working on. I also have to get busy with a shawl I’m hoping to have done in a year or two. I’m making clothes for me.

While I am quite the large framed beast, I still love my body, no matter how much pain I am in. I want to be comfortable for my smocks, even if I am too sexy for them. Snort.

That said, I have some stitchery, a pocket to make, and a shawl to work on. I want to get those smocks finished, and wear my best muu muu to scare the ever lovign crap out of my husband. He doesn’t deserve that much freakishness, but what the heck, it’s not like I’m going to dance nekkid in the back yard. It isn’t the full moon yet.

Take care my friends. Hugs. -L