Pain day again…

I just scrubbed the post I was working on for today, decided to just get out of bed and write. It’s another one of those lightning strike pain days. Where the thunder is just as evil, and it is the traveling lightning thing. I really am sick of screaming silently while strike after strike hits.

I’d rather be beaten. It is my world at times. The fun part, clothing touching a trigger zone does it now. Moving my arm wrong does it. I will be okay, once the pain signals are done. Some day.

I still get up and do though. I worked on a project for a couple of hours last night. I also helped with some laundry. My Husband started the load, I threw it in the dryer.

My beloved finally found what caused the malfunction with the dishwasher, a chip off a bowl or a plate got trapped in the hose inlet spot. So, I suggested that for Christmas, I get us a set of new dishes. He freaked a little. All of our dishes are cracked and such. He prefers the stoneware type, I prefer the glass type. I finally convinced him that I would research what would work best, and wait the 5 months until Christmas to order.

For crying out loud, I’m not going to run out and buy something instantly here. We have his surgery expenses, my insulin, and about a thousand other needs that come first.

Meanwhile, I suppose I had best go grab another coffee, it is time. Hope you have a lovely day. Take care my friends. -L