Buying the ticket

Morning all, hope you are well. The fellas are behaving.

One of my favorite mental exercises is: “What if I won a really big lottery?” I then run with it inside my head. Thought I would share this thought experiment with you.

First things first, hiring a financial lawyer. Make them in charge of keeping the squirrels off my back. Part of this is paying off all of our debts. This keeps things legal and even. Better medical insurance would be lovely, as well as getting off of disability.

Then is repairing the house, and fixing the car. Perhaps getting that electric wheelchair which would ease so much pain in my life.

I’d love to have a she-shed, with a bathroom, heating, a/c, and a little coffee bar. It would be the dungeon, writing center, library, craft room and office. I’d have it with lace curtains, and a lovely covered walkway between the house and the she-shed.

Our kitchen would have to be redone, basically, the house would probably have to be taken down to the foundation and rebuilt from the basement up. Reason? We still have fabric covered wiring in the walls. We need plumbing done, and electrical, one of the walls is cracking. You know, it’s an old house.

I would love to have some rose bushes, and some flower beds. The biggest thing though, is the medical for both of us. He needs surgeries, and I probably would love to have somethings fixed. It would be lovely though.

I don’t buy lottery tickets though, and it won’t happen. If I would buy a ticket, I’d consider it a donation to the state. Not, a chance of winning any money.

But a gal can dream, can’t she? Dreams are nice.

The Husband wants some more banana bread made. I have to put a clothes pin on my nose, and curb the gag reflex. Bananas are just grotesque. Yuck.

Take care my friends. -L