Morning all, the fellas are behaving. I’m sitting here with an iced lemonade, but am craving something quite different.

I want a bowl of chili, with cheese shredded over the top. I want a bowl of corn chips on the side, or at least some cornbread. For dessert, I want some butterscotch pudding. In other words, this fine July morning, I want it to be fall.

I want to smell the crisp air on a cold morning. I want to have a steaming cuppa tea. I want to wear a sweater around the fire, and relax while the chili is bubbling in the crock pot. I want the whole house to smell like spices.

I want to see the leaves shiver in a cold rain, and the colors of red, orange, and yellow cover the ground. I want to hear the football game next door, and to relax by the stream next to the house.

I miss it, and it’s a few short weeks away. I can’t wait.

Take care my friends. -L


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