Ufda, just ufda

Morning all, spent most of yesterday yelling at electronics. The next time the beloved splits or explodes a phone, I swear…

It takes the better part of a year to get the settings on one of these tantrum inducing monsters from the bowels of a demon backside at least functioning. Every time, I swear it gets harder and harder.

But, I degress.. You don’t care about the skull sweat involved with disemboweling the device that worked for 4 years to put into a newer one. You are here for your own reasons.

At least the delivery person was an angel and quite understanding.

Deep breath, and again.

I have decided that facebook and instagram, (same company) don’t need to shadow my every movement, and know everytime I leave the house. I keep messenger on one device only, and that is because my daughter uses it. Otherwise, facebook could go hang.

They don’t need to know what I talk about on the phone, or what videos I watch, or what I buy on other apps. They are a data miner. They resell our data, our info to adverstisers and whoever. For the best part, they don’t need to advertise home resellers to me when my friend is the one who moved.

I don’t need to see ads for places in Arizona when I mention visiting another friend there.

So, I’m done with it. I will stick with the places I do like, and the apps I enjoy. Believe me, getting facebook out of a device that is pre-programmed to tattle all is a joy…

Ufda. I swear. Hugs my friends. Take care. -L