Another sleepless night

Morning all, it’s about 64 degrees out there right now, and Young Master Duke is greeting the sunrise. My beloved is doing his usual, and this morning, instead of torturing him with the blender, I just poured my coffee over ice. I do prefer the blender version, but you know, he is my beloved.

A couple of panic attacks rounded out the day yesterday. I countered them by grabbing some ice. I keep a larger cube ice tray in the freezer for situations like that. I wrap the cube in a towel, and put it on my carotid artery. Cooler blood helps calm me down.

Other than that, I started posting on tiktok again. My handle over there is tetchedistress1972. I never speak, just knit, draw, journal or some other form of stitch witchery there. I will put little comments on the video screen to a background of music.

Other than that, I am still in a crap ton of pain, so you aren’t getting my best writing. It’s what it is. I do have to get to a meeting today. It starts at 10:30 this morning. So, I better get my carcas in the shower for now. Take care, will write again in the morning. -L