Another day in paradise

Hello all, the fellas are very busy. Young Master Duke is asleep in my husband’s bed. My beloved is in the dining room watching a show on his tablet.

I’m ready to head to bed myself. While the outside temps are icky, it’s much more comfortable to sleep during the early mornings to afternoon. We both have adapted to the nightshift schedule, and won’t have to change it for the summer unless there is a medical appointment.

Today is the anniversary of my divorce from the man I married in the 90’s. We were married for 1 year, 2 months, and 2 days. I was very early in sobriety then, and I was his punching bag. When the divorce was final, a good friend took me out for coffee, and we talked all night long.

It helped. I had to move a body guard in. Basically a former football player who was built like a brick outhouse. I let them live with me rent free as long as they protected me from my ex. It worked for the most part. After they moved, and I moved on, eventually I moved to the town I’m in now.

I know that I would be dead if I didn’t get divorced. The irony, the man that put me in the wheelchair, didn’t recognize me the last time he saw me. I’m cool with that. It was about 10 years ago.

Now he lives in a long term care facility because he didn’t take care of himself.

Today, I’m grateful for a judge who didn’t take crap from a horses arse. I’m also grateful for my Husband. He’s a painin the tail, but he is my pain in the tail.

Hugs my friends, take care. -L


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