Our Anniversary.

Morning all, my beloved Shuggy Lump is sound asleep. I’m settled in at the desk, and am taking a break from a book for a few minutes. It’s another sleepless night, and I’m cool with it. Young Master Duke is laying by my side, guarding me from house elves who hide the sheet I need.

My beloved broke his phone recently, and now, we are under payment plans for a new phone for 3 years. I let him know that this is his anniversary present from me. I also bought a case for the damned thing. Between the payment applied to the bill and a few swear wordage, it looks like the poor tax is going to bite me in the arse.

Yet, the man needs a cell phone, and I want him to be happy. So, he covers the cost of my insulin at the end of the month, and I’m paying out the arse for a cell phone.

What is the poor tax? Ah, I’m glad you asked. It’s the way folks like me purchase things. We have to buy things on payments, and pray we outlive the payment plan. It’s also buying cheaper things we can afford in order to get by. The problem with the cheaper things is that they just don’t last very long.

In this case, I want him to have a decent phone, and it is our wedding anniversary within the week. I just hope he likes his new device. I got it in green for him.

We have been together 20 years now. Married for 17 of those years. It’s been one heck of a haul. Even through the worst times, I still love him. And, even though life still sucks some days, it’s worth it.

I even learned to like sea bugs because he did. We almost never eat them, because living in a landlocked state where such things don’t live, they are spendy. However, he is worth it.

I better get back to work. I have a few fiber thingamies on the needles and hooks. I better get them done.

Hope you are well. -L