Another sleepless night here. Young Master Duke is outside, and I’m still up. It’s time to start just getting stuff done.

I finished a wee bag for my cell phone yesterday. I crocheted the thing in pink. I then found a pink button. It is too damned cute. However, if it prevents the screen being scratched in my bag, or I can use it when I am mowing, then all the better.

I took the knitting, crochet and sewing library down from my desk book shelf. I replaced it with my recovery library. It’s time for me to work the steps again, and there are times when throwing an expensive tablet across the room when I get ticked just doesn’t have the same emotional endorphin charge that a paper book does. It’s also more expensive. (The NA Step Working guide should apply for air miles.)

I finally broke down and took both tylenol and advil this morning. The pain is at a level that I can’t take it anymore. I work very hard to not take anything. I’ve been in chronic pain mode for over a decade now. The cumulative effects of pain meds is not pretty, and I’ve had liver damage before. I don’t want to go there again. So, when the going gets really rough, then I do something about it.

Meanwhile, the Hubs is completely baffled about the new purge scheme. Every time I go to the necessary, on the other side of the house, I’m bringing crap that doesn’t belong in the office anymore for any reason. Some of it is crap that I was gifted that just needs to get pitched. I’m giggling at the crap he wants to “save”. Wait until he sees the pile that accumulated in the recycling and garbage bins overnight.

Oh well,playing with his mind keeps me entertained. He’s having another surgery in September. I pray that he feels better afterwards. I want to keep him around for another decade or three.

Hugs my friends, take care, and get rid of the useless crap that is in the way of your happiness. Even if it is one piece at a time. -L


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