Insulin Rationing

Morning all, have to fly out the door in too soon of a time, but wanted to strike while the iron was hot so to speak.

I’ve been rationing insulin for decades. As a Medicare patient, my insulin is not covered by Medicare. I had to choose between a plan that would cover some of my meds 100% and not the insulin, or a plan that would cover few of my meds. It costs more per month.

Well, this month, my insulin rationing is saving my life. There are not enough shekels in order to cover both insulin and food. There are not enough shekels to cover insulin, food, and fuel for the vehicle. So, insulin has to wait.

Some vehicle uses have to wait.

Some food has to wait.

It’s a give and take thing. There aren’t programs that help, because we still make too much over the poverty level.

It’s life, however, I do have enough insulin to get through the month. That’s what matters.

There are other things in the world much more important for folks to worry about. My getting insulin isn’t a crisis right now. Hope you are well. I better get going. Take care. -L