Counting stitches

Hello all, hope you are well. Been a bit of a writing dry spell around here lately. I’m pretty far behind, and don’t have any prepped posts for you in case of a pain day.

Tonight I’ve been stuck in bed for a bit. Another horrible being human body problem. I am sure that it will be resolved in time.

I’ve been making a couple of videos, and realized that I never learned how to properly count crochet stitches in rows. I’ve been using a hook and yarn for almost 40 years now. Yet, for a video, I realized that crap, a simple scarf with even edges would be the death of me. Crap crap crap.

I normally do approximates, and if it works, it works. Some patterns are just done by muscle memory. Granny squares for example, are all muscle memory now. Yet something this simple. I’m screwed on.

Another thing that’s going on, is that my memory has been crapping out a bit more. I do my best, and use journals, the blog and other methods to fight it, but it is what it is. I suppose that as time goes by, you here on the blog will notice it first.

Meanwhile, I better lay back down for a bit. Take care, -L