Morning all, hope you are well. Yount Master Dukester is outside enjoying doggy tv. I swear that boy binge watches as much as he can. My beloved is in the dining room, and I’m waiting impatiently for new headphones to arrive. The provider says “out for delivery”.

Lately, I have been rearranging the dungeon. I grabbed one of the drawer sets I own, and emptied it. I then put all sorts of stitchery goodness inside. The pens, markers and such that were inside then arrived back on top of my desk.

I’ve been sketching again. It’s been kinda fun, and putting color on paper with no give a damn about what it looks like is theraputic. I don’t post it to instagram or discord. It’s something I am comfortable with.

Recently, I had to scrap my tiktok account, I didn’t mind, to be honest. I was having problems, and decided to say screw it. So, I created a new one. I did something different. I chose instead of publishing my face or my voice, to just show my hands.

I do journal entries. I do knitting. I do crochet and sewing. I caption these with things I would say to my daughter, and that I want her to know. The journal entries are just a paragraph or two about my day.

I figure that this is the 2nd best gift I could give her. The best, being my time. I can’t be with her 24/7. I can however, give her something that will last longer than I will. It’s important.

Meanwhile, it’s time to play. I’ve got crayons, markers, yarn and fabric. I have a camera, and I am going to go play.

Hugs, my friends. Hope you are well. -L

If you want to see those silly videos I do. Tetchedistress1972 on tiktok.


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