Holding out for a hero-trigger warning, a few minutes inside my head.

I need a hero, holding out for a hero in the ….. yeah, that shit is rolling through my skull at mach 80 on repeat this morning. It was the theme song of the show “Cover Up” which had to shut down after the actor died a zillion years ago in the dark ages.

The useless data is replacing the painful memories slowly. In my brain attick, there is only so much room you know. The dross is shuffled out when other things come in. At least, that is how Sherlock saw it.

For me though, my brain is a hoarder’s paradise. “As I walk through the valley of the shadow of…” Those lyrics also course through my brain’s boom box. Boxes of erratta, (wrong information) are stacked covering the important stuff. WHERE THE HECK DID I PUT MY KEYS!

Yesterday, I talked with a young human. This being was curious about fairies and dragons. I wore a dragon t-shirt. We had a cool conversation about weird thingamies for a bit. It was the best part of my day. I will let them know when I see them.

Shoot, speaking of important information, where the heck did I put my phone? If you find it, let me know.

I cut apart one of my dresses yesterday. It was my favorite, but needed some serious repair. I’m going to work on it in a bit. I have to re-do the top portion, and re-work the seams. The fabric is a pretty print, and it is a thicker dress. It’s also big enough that it makes me smile. I can wear many many petticoats under neath it.

For some Dutch Courage before the meeting the other day, I went to Scooter’s Coffee. The barista was so kind to me on my first trip through their drive-thru. My second trip the other day had an equally kind and sweet human working. I got a sugarfree vanilla iced coffee and it was the bomb!

Great, now the Hampsterdance song is running through my head. Vonnie, you sent that damn thing to me 20 years ago on icq! Dammit dammit dammit, I love you Amber Sissy.

Trying to switch stations on the boombox in my brain is like an old timey radio. Have no clue what is playing on the other stations, but I need something different. Then there is some static, okay there is a lot of static, and I need to… Oooh, Young Master Duke wants a treat!

There’s a book on my shelf called Knit Your Socks on Straight. I’m thinking of reading it today.

I better refill the “Magic Cleaning Spray” bottle on my desk. It’s a little spray bottle filled with water. I use it to cool off.

Crap, I’m out of smokes. I wonder what’s for lunch? Did you know that my parent calls lunch Dinner?

I’m wondering where my purse is, are my keys inside it? Is my phone? Has the order I made yesterday for sleeping headphones arrived yet? I know that they said…. Wait the moon Ganeymead is magnetic and has a wonkey orbit.

I wonder if Walmart has mor wintergreen altoids, I like the cinnamon ones.


Hugs my friends, this is the stuff I normally weed out to write a post. Thought it would be fun too… Now where are my damned keys? -L