Back to meetings, and a panic attack

Morning all, about to jump in the shower and get started with the day. Young Master Duke is outside, and my beloved Husband is in charge of puppy care this morning.

Yesterday, after much prayer and fear, I decided it was time to go back to face to face meetings again. I still have all of the worries I had before I made this choice. If I bring even a cold home, it could kill my husband.

I don’t have the right to put his life at risk. I don’t have the right to put him in danger. However, it’s become readily apparent that as of this moment, online meetings aren’t enough.

I need to take care of my recovery. Then again, the pain of jumping into the shower, getting dressed, and driving there. The pain of unloading the chair, opening the door, and wheeling in is astronomical. Then reversing the process to come home. I’m sure that I’ll be in bed for the rest of the day.

I had panic attacks for house last night over this. I just laid there, knowing I was in full panic mode, and knowing that I was beyond triggered. I can’t not go, but I can’t go.

I’m emotionally at my limit, an dthe sun hasn’t been up for very long. Chuckle, it’s my life.

I’m not brave, just an old woman in a wheelchair. By the way, listening to Miracle of Sound’s Valhalla Calling to get through right now. Take care, -L


Rainy day morning

Oh my goodness, it’s a morning. Hello all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke and I are enjoying a rainy morning together. My beloved Husband is watching his shows, and we are well enough.

Inside, it’s in the high 60’s, outside it is in the low 70’s. Other than that, not much to report. Yes, the arthritis is a wretch, but that’s normal.

Have been playing with the new tablet. I am pleasantly surprised. She has most of the features that my old iPad Pro had. Well worth the money spent in my opinion. Yes, that money could be used for other things, but as a solid replacement for the laptop, I’m very happy. The only drawback, some of the website work that I do doesn’t work on the tablet.

The greatest feature though is the accessories that make it a laptop on android. The case with removeable keyboard make this so sweet. I can write, work, and play without much trouble. I can also take everything with me very easily. So, I’m impressed. I can see this as a long erm solution for my needs.

I do have a little medical update. I have used office software to do my diabetes charting. My other tablet, which I use exclusively as an e-reader, was not powerful enough to run office. I’m going to end that subscription, and use the mysugr app for diabetes. It does almost everything I need.

Lastly, on this gorgeous rainy morning, I’m going to dig through the craft supplies and reorganize them a bit. I want to get my sewing kit under wraps. I also need to move some things around in order to make it easier to work.

That’s about it. Nothing major, nothing insightful, just another day in rural US. Take care, hugs, -L