Diabetes in 2022 for this disabled woman

Morning all, it’s July outside and December inside. The cold flashes continue, and regulating my body temperature is entertaining at best.

I started the year off with the expectation that the Dexcom G6 would be a blessing and a help. I called it the snitch. It was both wonderful and horrible.

The good… reported my blood sugars to my Dr.

The bad… innacurate. Had to recalibrate more often than not. Caused me to blister, and the pharmacy I went with lied about the costs. It turns out that finger sticking was much much cheaper even if I tested 10 times per day. (I don’t.)

Since then, I’ve told the pharmacy to shove the Dexcom sideways. They still want money out of me. Of course they do. Not disclising upfront the exact costs does this. Sighs.

Since then. I still have scars from the blisters. My injection sites occasionally hit a sore spot for insulin. I’ve started injecting in my arms more often. The problem with this is my hands aren’t strong enough to use the pen sometimes. I need to see my Dr for more options.

Meanwhile, my blood sugars are not always perfect. They won’t be. Stress, mood, activity, sleep patterns and millions of other things affect diabetes. Allergies, a simple cold or flu, and even ambient temperature affect diabetes.

It seems that the one thing that has the least affect on my diabetes is testing my blood sugar. That tiny smudge of blood doesn’t raise or lower my sugar, it’s just a test, a report of how my body is doing.

Back in the mid 1990’s, I was treated like a moral defect because I am diabetic. I was treated as if every decision was a sin. The diabetic educator in my town was the worst offender, and I just stopped going. I also stopped caring.

It is 2022. Pain levels other issues and condition aside, I wish I had known then what I know now. Everything affects diabetes in one way or another. It’s not a moral problem, being diabetic. It is a biological problem. My body still produces insulin, on occasion, and occasionally, I get sugar lows.

It is my life. Medical gaslighting by the professionals that were supposed to train me on how to care for my body is not a criminal offense.

Perhaps it should have been. My ony hope is that there is some time in hell for asshats who mistreat the people in their care.

That’s all I have for now my friends. Take care of yourselves. You are the only advocate your body has. -L


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