The keyboard case

Morning all, the fellers are sleeping, and iced coffee is making me happier than I should be this morning. I’m all snuggled in at the desk, and am doing pretty good.

I ordered a keyboard case off of Besosmart when I got paid. The new tablet didn’t fit any of my other cases, and I’d been using old keyboards with it. I didn’t like taking it away from the desk though, because for a 12 inch tablet, I was terrfied that I would drop the beastie.

The case, with keyboard is here, and it has a silicon mat that muffles the keys. The other purpose of the mat is so that the keyboard doesn’t scratch the screen. I’m not entirely sure that I like it. The mat, that is.

They keyboard works well enough, and the cover/case is pretty good. It also has room for the stylus to both charge and be stored in transport. I’m impressed for now. It holds the wee beastie of a tablet so that I am less likely to destroy it, more likely to use it, and protect it.

So, that said, I’m cool with it.

On the annoying the sheet out of the Husband part? Everytime I refill my coffee, or go to the bathroom, I’ve been putting things away the right way. Everytime he uses the bathroom, he splashes water all over hell and gone. We are almost even.

Hugs my friends. Hugs, -L


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