Slowly, ever slowly

Morning all, all is well enough here. Hope you are doing good. It’s currently late October/early November temps in my living room.

My beloved Husband has this idea that it must be low 60’s in the living room/bedroom at all times. I’m currently wearing a sweater buttoned up to my neck and am covered in a sleeping bag. It’s freaking cold in here.

So, when I have to go outside, I about get heat stroke. This is the same man who has made the executive decision that he must have the kitchen window, the back door and fans running throughout the house. I imagine, that when he dies, the electric bill will drop quite a bit.

In winter, we heat the outdoors, in summer, we cool it. No amount of rational discussion fixes his mental abberations. I’ve been trying for 20 years. It just doesn’t work.

So, I am bundled up with blankets and shiver all summer long.

Meanwhile, I do the best I can. I’m going back to the recliner in a minute. I have stitching to do, and it is warmer in the recliner.

Hugs my friends, I know it’s a scorcher outside.

By the way, why don’t I sit in the kitchen where it’s warmer? With his mental health, he goes nutso when I am in the kitchen for more than a few seconds. Hugs again. =L


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