Town Day

Morning all, it’s a normal day in summer in my town. The boys are behaving, I think. A little, maybe.

To save money, I have altered my iced coffee recipe. It takes longer, but it’s a part of life. I now substitute regular coffee for instant. It’s not the same, but screw it.

Other than that, my beloved husband survived a trip to town recently. This particular town is 60 miles away.

For days ahead of time he would send me a text reminding me that we needed to leave by 11:30 am. I have no idea why he thought I needed reminding that many times, but such is life. I was in the car, with the engine running and the a/c on by 11:30. He didn’t arrive until 11:47.

Snort. Not my circus, monkeys, or rodeo. It’s not my shame if he dawdles, and doesn’t make his appointment. I honestly, don’t care anymore.

I was ready.

We drove in, stopping halfway to grab some lunch in drivethru. I had the mandatory iced coffee. He had whatever he needed. We kept going. I dropped him off on time, and went and hid in a parking ramp.

It was in the mid 90’s in temps outside, but I caught a spot low enough in the ramp and by the edge where the temps were about 5 degrees cooler than the outside air. When humans went past, I raised the windows, and ran the car and a/c. I kept the doors locked.

I’ve been to this town before, and normally will not arrive without my EDC and PPE. Especially, since I have to stay with the vehicle. This is not a town to go out and about in or exploring. Especially with the chaos, panic, and disorder going on.

Fossil Fuel use aside, I talked on the phone to two friends in succession, and when dipstick sent me a message, I picked him up. By this time of day, in that heat, he bacame dipstick. I had a headache, and really wanted to go home.

Nope, we had to go pick up tobacco. Almost 200 later, I stopped at a fast food place to pick up dipstick an iced tea and myself another iced coffee. By this time, I was way short of caffeine. I should have grabbed 2 or 3 of them.

By the time we made it home, my husband had become dipshit, I hadn’t peed since 10:30 in the morning, and my pain levels were higher than the temps outside.

I still had to unload the car, go to the restroom, and sort through the crap.

I got the car as done as I was going to get it. I went to the necessary, dropped the tobacco purchases on his bed, changed into a mumu, and crashed.

My body was done. I slept from half past five until the next morning after 9.

At some point, my beloved husband decided that I was going out to finish clearing the car of stuff he forgot out there. It is as far as I know, still out there. I don’t give a crap.

Otherwise, I’m hoping soon to finish some stitchery, to run the vehicle through a car wash and vacuum, and to grab a shower. We will see.

Hugs my friends. Hope you are well. -L


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