Lemonade slushy

Morning all, today in my country is independance day.

Lemonade slushy recipe:

Personal blender
Bubba keg container thingamie
2 quart pitcher
6 cubes ice for blender, pluse ice to fill keg
2 quart sized packet of sugarfree lemonade mix great value brand

Make the lemonade according to package directions. Throw in fridge over night.
In your personal blender, 6 icecubes, possibly 8. Top with very cold lemonade. In the bubba keg thingamie add more ice. Blitz the sheet out of the lemonade in the blender. Pour into bubba keg over ice. Cackle enormously (very important) because you have a slushy for next to nothing compared to the cost of getting it at a service station.

Whack a metal straw in the top of that bubba keg, sit in the recliner for the afternoon with a good book and relax.


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