Spicy desk action

Morning all, the fellas are being male again. Rather than fight what is, I’m going for the accept and move on thing.

I realized this afternoon that I’m a bit more than odd, well, we are a bit more than odd. My husband makes hot dish whenever he wants to, and then sends me a text message when it is ready.

I wear noise cancelling headphones because I can’t stand the sound of fans running, but he hates the sounds I make and needs the fans running.

I’m having a bowl of said hotdish for breakfast. It’s still hot enough to be good, and I dished myself up a bowl of the stuff. I then grabbed a couple of bottles of spices from the cupboard, because I was running low at my desk.

I sat at the desk, and put the new bottles away, I retrieved my favorites, and doctored up my breakfast. Then it hit me. That’s not normal. We aren’t talking just salt and pepper here. I add bagel seasoning and cayenne to almost everything. I also have louisiana hot sauce. Um…

My husband was raised on the blandest food. Pepper is his goto for spicy, but only so much. Um… I was raised the same way, but I appreciate and dearly love flavor.

For years and years, I would add spices to only my bowl of food. I eat at the desk, we don’t have a dining room table. So, yeah, I’m getting some spicy desk action.

What did you think I meant? Hugs, my friends. I will bug you again soon. -L