St Birgitta Caps

Okay, I blame Morgan Donner for this. She started this mess, and I’m on a mission.

Good Morning all, after yesterday’s quiet day post, I thought I better give you the source for the St Birgitta cap I mentioned. St Birgitta Coif tutorial Morgan Donner in her video, she calls it a coif. I call it a cap. It covers the head.

I prefer to keep my scalp covered. I have thin hair, and I have been shaving my head for a couple of months now. I rock the buzz cut, and even can just run the clippers before a shower. However, certain folks in public go a little nutsy when they see a woman with a buzz cut.

This isn’t my first rodeo with this. I’ve done it many times over the years. I loved my long hair, but was shedding it at such an astronomical rate, that I was afraid of choking on a hair ball. Ugh. So, back to the cap.

I never wear velvet. Ever. However, with this gifted fabric, I think I can make the cap out of it. I’m going to have to line the fabric on the inside, because the inside is a little weird feeling. Also, I think that washing this is going to be a problem. So, with a mystery velvet I’m going to begin.

I could do a turban, but I don’t wear pins, and I don’t want to monkey with it much. So, before this post goes live, the goal is to have one done, with pictures. We will see. Perhaps for tomorrow’s post, I will get that work finished. It doesn’t take long, especially since I don’t use the woven piece in the center for my caps.

Please take care of yourselves. Hugs and huggage. -L

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