Fly strips, late nights, and velvet fabric

Morning all, just checking in a bit before I get busy again. The fellas are being copascetic, and I’m not complaining. There has been small things happening lately, nothing major.

I tried a different technique with my pathos, and it ended up getting very sick. So, the other day, I covered her with a garbage bag, taking a clipping, and taking the rest outside. She had become seriously infested with fruit flies. So, now, I have fly strips decorating the office. It would be quite festve, except for the fact that they are brown.

The secret to fly strips is to shine a light on them, and have that be the only source of light in the room over night. The critters are attracted to the light, and get sucked in by the voodoo of the fly strip.

Have been up late again lately. The big problem about being in a heat wave, is that it is much more pleasant to sleep the day away. Also, electricity is best used in off peak hours. So, we have been up late most nights.

Other than that, I was gifted some velvet fabric. It’s a shorter velvet, and I’m thinking on looking at it, that I need a couple of turbans or St Birgitta caps out of it. There’s not much more fabric available than that, so I’m going to get the work done soon.

I take my pain pills about 45 minutes before I start stitching. This gives me half an hour or so of work availability. Then, when I need to take the meds again, I get another half hour or so of work done. I have to be careful, because over doing the work will land me in the 9th level of hell.


That’s about it, not much else is going on. Hope you are well. -L


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