The megrims

Morning all, a scorcher outside, no camping is being done. The fellas are sleeping like rocks in front of the a/c again. I haven’t taken my medicine yet, but need to catch the though while the muse is whipping me in the tail feathers.

My most famous last words used to be, “Hold my beer.” So much crazy stupid crap was accomplished and eventually filed away in my 1st and 4th steps. My 5th step was involved with lots of pain, anger, and fear.

Nowadays, my most famous last words are, “I don’t need to write that down, I will remember.” Horse feathers. If I don’t write it down, it’s gone, like a wil-o-the-wisp. PFFT… GONE.

Last night, I made such a mistake. Usually, I get up 1-4 times per sleep cycle. I know for a fact while sitting in the most used room of the house, I had the best thought. It was ffor the blog, and it was really really good. Normally, when this hits, I head to the desk, whack out the post, and get it done.

I was tired, bone tired, and I just couldn’t. Then I decided screw it, I will remember, and went back to bed. This morning, I’m still bone tired, but at least I am cognizant, a little… I can’t freaking remember my REALLY GOOD IDEA.

Damn it. I know better. I really know better. I’m grabbing a notebook and pen, and going to keep it in the necessary. The only other alternative, is to move the office in there, and there just isn’t enough room.

Hmm, if I got rid of the washer, dryer, and everything the beloved husband has in there….

No, I don’t want to wait to write for the husband unit to go potty. I’m going to grab the notebook and pen. Just keep them in the drawers. Besides, unless I get one of those seriously padded throne seats, it’s not going to work. I’d also need an iced coffee bar…

Sighs. Have a good one folks. I better go to the necessary before I forget the dratted notebook. Hugs. -L


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