Welp that wasn’t expected.

Morning all, Young Master Duke and I are up. It’s just after midnight, and he has been out to water the rusted old a/c unit that doesn’t work in the yard. It’s another pain night, but in this case, I’m working without lights on. My Husband needs his sleep.

For supper, I made a california vegetable non meat meal. I took a box of generic macaroni and cheese, added a 12 ounce bag of cali veg, mustard, pepper, ramen noodles, and some chicken boullion. I also added an ounce of generic velveeta. The mustard complimented the cheese, and we spent less than 2 dollars on a meal for 2. It worked.

With the dawn of the new tablet, I fell back into merge dragons. It’s one of my favorite games, but my old tablet couldn’t run it. Just didn’t have enough storage and power. Back when I had an ipad, um, I became addicted. I finished the game, and since then several updates have happened. Um, last night, I finished the game again. Crap.

I wasn’t expecting that. I don’t like merge magic near as much as merge dragons, and I want to keep leveling up. Sighs. Oh well. Life happens.

Most stitchery projects are stalled. My hands have been throbbing again, and I over did it. The only thing I have stitched in awhile is a coffee coozie. It covers my iced coffee so that she doesn’t melt as quickly. I have to wait until my hands are able to stitch again.

How can I type? My hands are resting on the desk. I’m not using my thumbs nearly as much, mostly just to run the space bar. It’s a totally different motion.

There’s no cure or fix it for my condition. I work for as long as I can as much as I can. It just is what it is. Decades of medical gaslighting has made me accept that in their eyes, I don’t deserve any help at all. Just maintain her diabetes meds, that’s it. There’s no pain relief that works, and there’s no fix for arthritis. Oh well.

Meanwhile, I’m still a bit sad about the whole merge dragons thing. I’ll get over it. Hugs my friends, -L

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