Altoids and iced coffee

Morning all, it’s a scorcher out there, and the fellas are busy either napping or lurking in the a/c. I’ve been awake overnights again, it seems that pain just never takes a break.

Soon enough, the sun will go down, and it will be cool enough to head outside again. I’ve been keeping the blender busy, and I am running low on torani. I had a weird idea, and it works.

I throw an altoids mint in the blender with the ice. Holy crap. It works! It sweetens the coffee, and it also flavors the coffee at the same time. The peppermint, wintergreen or cinnamon flavor just works with the coffee goodness. Sighs.

I’ve been hooked on altoids for a very very long time. I turn to them rather than regular candies, and they are very low carb. It also gives me a break from artificial sweeteners.

Aspartame makes me dull headed, and to cut the amount I use, I normally have 1 saccarine per packet of aspartame. This actually doubles the sweetening of the product. 1 aspartame and 1 saccarine to my taste is better than 4 aspartame. I don’t know why it works, but it does.

Meanwhile, I am not a nutritionist or a food scientist. I have no claim to any degrees. I’m just an old fat woman in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, my glass is remarkably low on the coffee front and it is time to hit the blender again.

I don’t drink soda at all anymore, it just riles my belly to the point that I can’t eat. Spending my time in bed farting is just cruel to the husband and Young Master Duke. Soda and I are not bffs. Also, I usually switch to decaf at some point during the awake time. It’s a good thing.

Foot note: I vary the flavors of iced coffee through the day. A couple of drinks will be plain, one hazelnut, caramel or vanilla, and now, one wintergreen or mint. Its a variety.

Please take care of you, I recently celebrated a thousand posts on the blog, and am tickled pink by the accomplishment. It’s the simple things that make me happy. -L


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