3 pounds, seriously?

Morning all, it’s a lovely muggy day here in Minnesota. I’m starting to wish fondly for those lovely winter mornings where the snow is falling. 

It isn’t often I go digging through the kitchen. I was looking for a scrub sponge, and we keep them in the drawer under the dish drainer. Innocent enough right? Welp, not so much. I could barely get the drawer open.

I was floored. I mean floored. My beloved husband has some ideas on things that must be kept until the end of days. Then again, to be fair I have an obsession with stitchery. Normally, I don’t interfere, as the happier he is, the less I have to explain things.

We have cleaned out cans and jars in the cupboards and on a shelf. The cans make ashtrays for him, I get it. However, this morning, on my quest for a scrub sponge…. I unearthed 3 pounds of empty medicine bottles. 3 pounds… a medicine bottle weighs almost nothing.

Now, for the scoffers, we have really old kitchen cabinets. Over 80 year old deep kitchen cabinets. The drawers go all the way to the wall.

I grabbed a black garbage bag, and started filling it with the bottles. My hands, even though I washed them still feel grimy. It was 3 pounds. 1.36 kg… Sighs, I do love him, but damn… I didn’t look at the years on the bottles, and I put the bag aside to remove the lables and pop them in the recycling bin.

I don’t know whether to be impressed or afraid. Meanwhile, I need to add scrubbing sponges to the grocery list. There weren’t any in the drawer. By the way, yes, I know it’s weird that I weighed the things… My name is Anonymous Knitter, I’m an addict, and more than a little weird.

Damn. -L


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