Morning all, it’s another thunderstorm watch morning. Hope you are well. I’m stuck between my chair, the laptop and an iced coffee. The fellas are behaving, Young Master Duke has been out to sing the song of his people, I’m sure the squirrels and the neighbors appreciated the 5 am barking alarm clock, and my husband is being himself?

Had a reasonably good day yesterday. I talked on the phone to my two friends who have moved to parts unknown. The one, just made it back to unknown location Arizona. She was up here for a visit, and we got to meet up for a little bit.

The other has just moved to unknown, Arkansas. They are well, but still in the where the hell did I put my brain let alone the coffee maker stage of moving. I miss them all horribly, and have repeatedly suggested that they need hug spankings, for moving.

I played with sewing machines yesterday. 2 parts are still on their way, but they might maybe sorta be here tomorrowish, possibly. Since I have had to be refunded multiple times for items from this company that got lost in shipping, I don’t trust them anymore. So, it’s with a wing and a prayer that I wonder if the thingamies will show up.

The good news, is that the parts, IF they arrive will work on either the treadles or the brother machine, so I can swap them out as needed. We will see. I have work to do on some things and I need to ship them out myself by the end of the week. Eek.

Last night, I slept wrong, and when I got up, I stood up wrong. So, I’m probably going to be grabbing the wheelchair out of the car because I have to, not because I want to. I screwed up my knee again. I will be careful today, and hopefully can get away without needing the chair.

I am regretting the decision to stand wrong, if you know what I mean.

Meanwhile, Duke has decided to go out and absorb the great muggy that is the outdoors, I’m thinking that he probably needs to drop a loaf. The Husband unit decided to go to bed, which means that he is up all night overnight again. Sighs, and I have to get some sewing done.

I can’t wait for his happy arse to decide to get up. I have to get this in the post before too long. Damn it. I think he is going to have to pay for shipping, at this rate.

Hugs my friends, please take care of you. -L


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