The curse of the macrame cord

Morning all, have been busy lately trying to figure out my head from my tail. It’s all part and parcel of being human I guess. I have had 1 hot coffee since the weather turned warm, otherwise, I have been sticking with the cold icy caffeinated goodness.

In one of those rummage sale sorting sprees, I found a skein of macrame cord from the 80’s. It’s cute, but I don’t macrame, and have no desire to start the hobby/obsession etc… So, I hunted through the tools I have. I found some equally vintage knitting needles, and knit and crocheted up a hot pad.

My hands throbbed afterwards. Holy crap. So, I took a day off, and then grabbed that crochet hook again. I now have a coaster all out of slip stitch crochet. I took a few hours off, and now I am working on another pot holder. I swear, if I had known that that skein would last this long, I would have just made a basket.

The good news, the yarn melts a little with a torch. We learned from a past project that acrylic style yarns will melt together, and become indestructible. I have one that you could possibly shatter, but it still protects the counter. Now, I’m not talking about putting something that is a thousand degrees on there. No. I’m talking about a landing spot for something out of the microwave, or something out of the oven. I rarely cook above 350 degrees for anything.

That said, I better get back to work, for some reason, my Bezos cart has an icord maker in it now. Guess what size the macrame cord was? You guessed it, the same size as an icord. Sighs.

This may be addictive.

Hugs my friends. Blessings upon you and yours. -L


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