She is retired

Morning all, I have an icy cold lemonade by my side today. I’m waiting patiently for the new ice cube trays to freeze the water I just placed in them. Sighs.

I keep lemonade in the fridge most of the summer. I’ve been thriving on iced coffee so far this year, and my ice cube trays just couldn’t keep up. I had to order more. One change I noticed is that my belly didn’t hurt near as much as normal. I like the improvement.

Meanwhile, the laptop has retired. She is now in the hands of my beloved Husband, and since he basically uses it to only watch videos, it’s a fitting retirement for her. She was a good girl, and worked diligently for several years.

However, I am okay with the new device. Young Master Duke and I can take the new device, a headset, and if it is not raining, head out to the yard and work. Sadly, with the rains we have been having, this isn’t quite possible quite yet.

Thank You sweet Samsung Galaxy Laptop. You were a goodest girlie, and I am grateful for the mischief and mayhem we had together.

Hugs my friends. Please enjoy the day. -L


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