Testing, testing, 1.2.3…

Morning all, I sit here typing on a screen that is just a half an inch smaller than my laptop. The men are being male around here, so I am happily tucked into a corner of my office, and have been working most of the morning.

I was reading an article on one of the samsung products, and realized that maybe my provider would have it. I took a look, and they had something similar enough that it would be a viable replacement in android for the laptop.

I had my hopes. I also realized that if I signed up for both paperless billing and autopay, that the additional cost per month from the current bill would be 7 dollars. I get a discount when I do the autopay. I don’t like it, because it is quite late in the month for me, but I digress.

I made the order on a Thursday, and it arrived on the next Monday. The problem? The service wasn’t to be setup until Tuesday. Sighs. I spent a couple of almost tear filled hours on the phone when it arrived, trying to get them to change the execution date. They couldn’t.

I think I was more in tears over the whole, “I have to be really nice, and suck up to these folks exceptionally well…” thing than the actual wait a night for the service to go live.

With the much larger screen, and no lag in writing from the keyboard to the processor that the old tablet had, I’m pretty cool with this. It’s almost the exact same as writing on my laptop. So, I might not have to update to the next windows after all. The problem, just might be solved.

Another point, this one is strong enough to run both Monopoly and Merge Dragons. I can play Merge Dragons again! Also, this beast is almost the same size as my old Ipad Pro. Woot woot!

That said, I better get back to work. Please take care. -L


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