Iced Coffee time

Morning all, it’s finally warm enough that iced coffee and I are bff’s again. All the same ingredients I use in winter, some ice, and a personal blender make this fat woman so happy.

A couple of years ago, I bought a blender that I used so much I cracked the damned thing. Thankfully, it was cheap, but I was a sad monkey for awhile. I had delved into homemade iced coffee, and “oh my…” to quote the great George Takei. The results were almost orgasmic.

This year, I bought a 12 dollar personal blender, and am running with it. I still have the motors from all the old personal blenders, and will probably trash those soon enough. Maybe give them to a friend so they can harvest the copper from them. Meanwhile, iced coffee and I are happy clams in mud together. I probably won’t be drinking hot coffee again until the temps drop below 50 for a hi during the day.

I use instant coffee, creamer, artificial sweetener, ice, and sugar free coffee syrup. Whack in the blender, top with water, and go… Not even a recipe, just a happy dream. If a person wants fancy stuff, make it fancy. I refuse to spent 6 dollars a drink or 4 at McDonald’s for the same thing. For the cost of 2 of their drinks, I bought the blender. For the cost of 3 of their drinks, I have the stock to make dozens of my version.

Screw you big corporate.

Hugs my friends, it’s time to refill the blender with ice and noms. I will talk to you again tomorrow. -L


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