Book stand repurposed

Good morning all. Last night a friend asked if I could help her sort rummage sale items. I agreed, and she drove into town. She actually brought the boxes here, and we sat on the patio working together and chatting. I swear, when she gets a hoarder’s haul, it’s amazing what she finds.

She handed me a whatsit, and asked what the hell it is. I said, “I know what it is and I want it.” She gives me this and that when I help her. I get tons of sewing notions this way, and have even scored some yarn. This particular whatsit is a book or tablet stand that folds. She laughed and agreed.

My laptop is a Samsung windows laptop. I also comes with a detachable keyboard, and holy crap, the stand works! It’s the perfect angle, and I am happy. I can use the dratted thing with a bluetooth keyboard just as easily as I would use a tablet. As a book stand, I have tested the theory, but am not satisfied with the results.

So, on to new adventures. The old setup, which allowed me to sit upright, was great as well, but not for everyday. I ended up with a lower back ache. Sighs.

Meanwhile, I will keep trying to find solutions for weird problems. Oh, and a second solution? She also gave me some metal shelves that have taken pride of place on the desk. I can now have a much less cluttered desk, but still have access to the mischief I enjoy. One day, when I finally clean the office, there will be pics, but until the Hubs wakes up, I better not make that much noise. Actually, both boys are sleeping in this morning. Silly fellers, daylight’s burning, and the coffee is good this morning.

Please have a lovely day, I’m going to be rearranging the office a bit today. Hugs! -L


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