Father’s Day gifts

What I got the Hubsy for Father’s Day this year.

Morning all, hope you are well. We are experiencing weather, again. It seems that April Showers were postponed for May and June this year.

I’m waiting to take my morning meds, I had to take a different one first this morning. I’m okay, just a little heartburn. I want to behave, for a little bit.

My Husband has been asking me to shave his head more and more often lately. I get it, it’s summer soon. So, I decided that this year for father’s day, I would change it up. He got a new head shaver, and some sun glasses.

He can’t stand light, like I can’t stand noisy situations. So, to make sure that he is okay those rare times he has to leave the house, I got him the glasses. Shearing him is just a perk.

Snort, too bad he is keeping it so short, I could use it in my spinning… perhaps mix it with some wool. Oh well. Life is good.

Hugs my friends, please be safe, remember to take care of yourself today. -L


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