How I survive people

The benefits of hearing protection

Morning all, Young Master Duke is outside singing the song of his people, and my Husband is yelling at him. So it’s a normal day in Minnesota. Twas raining again this morning, but I spent a couple of hours outside in the rain. It’s a good thing. I really need to watch nature.

I wear noise cancelling blue tooth headsets most of the time. If I am watching a show on my phone or on my tablet, I don’t have to listen to the whine of a half dozen fans in the house. It also blocks out the sound of other things. When both headsets are charging, my range ear muffs come in.

I love these things. I can wear them in the store, and not be overstimulated. Between the sound of many humans, and the musaak, I get overwhelmed. Then we have the overload of colors and items in the store. (There really don’t need to have that many types of toothpaste.} I don’t eat in public, ever, because I get overwhelmed so quickly..

So, wearing my ear muffs is a life saver. I am not having near the number of panic attacks, and I can relax, and figure out which brand of deoderant works best. Sighs.

Take care my friends, I hope you find the blessings in the small things today. -L


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