Weird game changers.

Morning all, we are doing well enough, and the world is a good place to be today. Young Master Duke and I are currently back in our position of observation, and the Hubs is probably watching videos in the house.

For years now, I have been learning methods of knitting. I know about Portuguese knitting, methods from India, Combination knitting, English and Continental, as well as others. With the onset of Arthritis in my hands, I’ve been knitting for as long as I can, but it’s nowhere near the level I have done in the past.

Cottage style knitting, is something that I have observed, but never done. It involves a knitting sheath, and yesterday shortly after I wrote the blog post of the day, it came back to me.

My EDC involves a sporran like belt, and some pouches that I use to be able to grab things I need on a quick basis. I was wearing this kit, and wondered if my multitool sheath would work as a knitting sheath.

I got my answer. Yes, yes it does! It’s a game changer. My hands hurt much less, the weight of the project is carried on my waist. The finger movements are limited, and it is an arm movement instead.

I am tickled pink!

Hope all is well with you, I pray you discover a new use for the things in your world today.  Hugs, huge ones. -L


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