Morning from the back yard desk

Morning, coffee is on, and the boys are behaving this morning. Duke and I are in the backyard already. We are observing the proceedings of the day. I’m bundled up pretty good, and covered in a shwl, a lap quilt, and wearing a plush hoodie. It is still cold out in the mornings, and I’m good with that.

I have a podcast blaring in my ears, and the nieghbors don’t know about my true crime obsession. Perhaps that is a good thing that they don’t know. I’m not a murderino, a bank heist is as good as any other true crime, but I am fascinated by motives.

What’s my motive for sitting in the back yard? I am happier watching the trees. I’m filling up the cup of the brain with a bit of goodness that a power greater than myself made. I have direct view of the birds and the bunnies. I can observe the natural humor of a good chase by squirrels, and can enjoy the time with Young Master Duke.

It’s a good day, and as part of my ongoing quest to do more, I’m going to do more, I’m going to stitch out here today. I’m hungry, though, and could really use a couple of breakfast burritos. It’s going to be okay, though.

On my next bathroom break, I will scramble up a couple of eggs. I’m pretty good at throwing some salsa and onions in with eggs, baking a spud in the microwave, and whacking the fried mix in a tortilla with some cheese.

Hope you have a good day. Hugs, -L


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