Morning all the sun’s up, the coffee is being assimilated, and the world is a good place… sorta. I swear, I am a bull in a china shop some mornings.

Here’s what happened this morning. I slept throught the night! I didn’t get up once to go pee. Which means that when I woke, holy crap, RUN! If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you may surmise that running and I do not get along well enough. That said, I let Young Master Duke out, and headed to the head.

As I made coffee, and loaded the dishwasher, I raised the shade in the kitchen for more light, and enjoyed the view of the sun on the lilac bush and the lawn. I Thanked God for the day and my life, and kept going with my morning. I cleared the dishwasher, loaded it again. (I swear dirty dishes breed like tribbles.) And got the day going.

I made my way back to the backdoor, stopping once to wipe down the counter quick, and let Young Master Duke in. He’d already started scratching a new hole in the dirt. Sighs. He got his morning snackage, and we made it to the office.

I have a sun lamp in the office which is my only source of light. I turned on both the light and the fan. This light is faced carefully away from the bed, so that only reflected light hits that side of the room. It was only as I sat down to give Duke his morning pain pill that I heard the grumbling start.

My beloved Husband was awake, and growling. I finished giving Duke his hemp oil and Alpo cracker, and put them away. Then I realised…. I woke the Hubsy up.

Unloading the dishwasher, reloading it… making coffee, the whole 9 yards. He’s now talking to himself in the dining room, and whoops! Here’s the kicker… He does the same thing to me every damned morning.

When he wakes first, he spends half an hour in the bathroom, with the door locked. Those bladder urgency issues I mentioned? Turn about, my friends, turnabout is fair play. While unintended, this bitch is Karma this morning.

Hugs my gentle friends, have a lovely day. May you be the Karma somebody needs today, whether for good or… -L


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