Morning coffee on the fire

Hello all, it’s a good time to sit around a camp fire, have a cuppa, and watch the flames. The sun isn’t quite up yet, and it’s my favorite time of the morning. The birds are stirring a little, and Duke is at my side. For once, I can light my little stove, boil some water, and enjoy a fresh cuppa.

The other night, a friend got ahold of me, and asked me to stop by. She loaded my car with tons and tons of sewing, knitting and crochet goodness. I am overwhelmed. She is my last bestie who lives local, and she helped me through the evening get through the pain I was going through.

For the first time in forever and an eon, I have fun fur in my yarn stash. I have threatened her with this, and there is a multi-color revenge in the works.

Meanwhile, I have some brain dead knitting on the needles, and some more work to do yet on that afghan. She needs to be mailed to my friend in Arkansas. I finally had a couple of break throughs on the repair work and conversion to a quilt. So, hopefully it will be done soon.

Fabric should be arriving shortly. I need to Make a few more shifts to wear over the summer. I also want to make some aprons with the fabric. It’s going to be a good thing.

Step work is continuing so I can heal though. It’s painfully slow, but as the sun rises, it’s going to be okay.

Hope you are well. Please take care. -L


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