A bit of a break down.

Hello again everyone. I’m settled in with the hottest of coffees, and Duke and the Husband are competing for who is the most adorable this morning.

Have had a couple of mental health days where I have been more of a dragon with a hoard than the active adult I need to be. It started the other day with an innocent tiktok video I watched. I burst into tears, and just couldn’t stop. It won’t be shared on the blog, I’m selfish that way, but wanted to give some background.

I realized in that moment that I needed to just curl up under the covers, and be for awhile. I’m still in the comfort phase, and will soon be in attack mode. I will attack the problem with the steps, and just keep working on it until I’m through to the other side. This is what I do to heal.

In the meantime, one of my best friends has moved away. There’s some history to this. First bestie, moves within state, but out of huggable reach. A few years go by, my sponsor and bestie moved to AZ. Crap.

Now, my only male bestie has moved to AR. My last bestie, better not leave. My support system is already flung all over hell and gone. Not that I have control over anything, but damn.

No wonder I had a bit of a breakdown. No wonder.

Sighs. Please be kind to your besties. Give them a hug when you can. -L


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