Screw it, I’m gonna do it

Morning all, Young Master Duke is outside enjoying the night air. I’ve been up for a little bit, and have an iced tea in front of me. It’s just closing in on 3 in the morning. The sun will be up in about 2-3 hours and I want to be outside stitching all morning.

The newest to me treadle is going out to be used today. I have to get her and her sister ready and maintained for summer use in the garage and on the patio. I’ve got plans for the summer, and want to get as much stitching done in good light as I can. I am going to grab a drop cord and also have the electric machine out there.

The biggest crisis is that I need to just do it. I’ve hemmed and hawed around about the pain for too damned long. I have to get the work done. No matter what. I’m sick of letting the pain rule my life. Screw it, I will hurt whether or not I’m working. I will hurt whether or not I am stitching. I want to stitch.

I desperately need a couple of summer gowns to wear. I’m going to stretch the budget to get some nice cloth for summer, and just do it. Meanwhile, I hope you have a good one my friends. Stay thrifty and safe. -L


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