Girls just wanna have fun

Morning all, the males in the house are awake, and I’m hiding in the dungeon this morning.

Current pain levels are shoot me, so the new pain outweighs the old pain. I got into an arguement with an old friend yesterday, about the pain. I can not, and will not switch to a certain substance to manage this pain. My recovery can with stand pain, certain medications it can not.

I would much rather enjoy a lead pill that you only swallow once than go back out using.

I know, certain substances are now legal medically in my state. Certain substances would make my life more pleasant, and I would be able to move better. I would be able to lose weight, and all of the things.

Sobriety means more to me than having a pain free day or days. With my body, one is too many and millions are never enough. Ever.

That said, I got into another arguement yesterday. My beloved Husband says that we don’t need to mow the lawn yet. I call bullshit on that. I want to mow, it’s something that my body can do, and it is fun! The riding mower gives me freedom.

So, today, once my headset is fully charged, and the clock strikes about 8 or 8:30, I’m going to sneak out and mow.  I will wear my hat, my sunglasses, and I will mow. Most of the neighbors will be at work, and I will get to play. Woot woot! Then, I will set up, if the body allows, my treadle on the patio, I will wear my headphones, I will have my stitching, and I will stitch.

It’s going to be a goodest day. Hope all is well with you all. I’m going to have fun today. Take care. -L