Only 2 left

Morning all, my sinuses are clear, and my eyes are watering. Those of us Americans of a certain age will remember Ben-Gay commercials. Some of us have used it, as our parents medicine cabinet and first aid kits consisted of aspirin, pepto and ben-gay.

I have 2 bottles of the modern generic equivalent. And, if I had my druthers, I would bathe in it with the exception of the perineal area. That shit burns when accidentally or on purpose placed where it ain’t supposed to be.  I don’t sing, but was soprano the day I learned that lesson. Never again.

But, to keep my hands handy, I am using it on my hands. It makes a difference. For a few years now, it’s been hard to stitch because of the pain in my thumbs down to my wrist. Once in awhile the fingers get it too. I’d use heating pads, and massage, but it just kept getting worse. Finally, with only 2 thumbs left to me, I  went for the cool heat of the pain relief gel.

Game changer. Just saying.

It’s storming out right now, and I can’t get out past the garage door, but I am heading out to watch the rain in a bit, and stitch.

Huge hugs my friends. -L

Note, hang on to your hands if you hand. Hang on to your thumbs, it’s harder to scroll without them. :o)


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