Another day outside

Morning all, Young Master Duke and I have been out since first light. I lengthed his tie out, so he and I can just chill out.

When I sit with him, he doesn’t sing the song of his people. Who woulda thunk it… I have a shade umbrella on the edge of my folding table in order to be able to sit further from the house without getting sizzled to a crisp.

We live across the creek from the highschool football field. It’s a blessing and a curse. It’s a curse when the field is in use. The sound system breaks through noise canceling headphones. It’s nice to visit a football field, but not to live next door to the damned thing.

When the highschool band practices their marching, holy crap. For years, the timing sticks that they clack almost got shoved up the director’s nose. I heard the clack clack clack in my sleep. When I worked nightshift in the nursing home, it was worse. I’d wake up to the clacking and the yelling. That megaphone could have met an untimely end.

However, the blessings. I have no every day neighbors to the north of my yard. I can look through the trees and see mostly grass. Big trees are the barrier between field and the creek, which is the border between the properties. It’s serene, and peacefull most of the time.

When the children are practicing, I can watch a bit. The babies they have so much fun. Of course, they are in reality teenagers, but the older I get the younger that they look. It’s what it is.

The weather is a little breezy, and tomorrow, the radio says it is supposed to be raining. I suppose I could stay inside then and just read a book or two. Today, daylight is burning, and the branches are wiggling in the breeze. The squirrels are busy chattering, and the birds are flitting from high spot to high spot. Whoops, the dandelions are starting to open their faces, and I need to enjoy.

Take care my friends. -L


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