A road trip and serotonin boost, no books were involved directly.

Morning all, today’s beverage of choice is a sugar free strawberry soda or pop. No dyes, just flavor and bubbles are filling me with glee. I need to tell you about my most recent adventure.

I plotted this trip earlier in the week, and had it to look forward to with all my heart. My daughter lives about 40 minutes away by car. She is in a tourist town, and I had hopes initially of hitting a small food shack where we could sit outside and nosh together.

Well, tourist season had started, so that was a no-go, so we ended up at an A&W, and the food was worth it. The restaurant shared a building with a bar and grill, and I pulled up to my jaw dropping. Um, we are going to a bar? Is the A&W still there? After a moment of total freak out, I saw that it was a shared building, and was fine.

Chili dogs and sides and two very cold root beers later, we were full and happy. Not much beats a teeth shocking cold root beer. Unless it is a float, but let’s not be silly, I didn’t want to get stoned on sugar.

She had a small errand to run, and I sat and watched a tiktok or two while I waited. We then sat in her backyard for quite awhile. My son in law is doing well. Both are fine, and we joked and laughed together. My son in law had to work, so he let us hens cackle together.

Afterwards, I went to a tobacco shop in town, and it was cheaper than my usual haunt over an hour from home in the other direction, so I will return.

My husband was happier with the less expense, I was happy to cackle with my family, and it was a lovely day. I reached home and after the dust was settled, I napped. Oh my what a lovely day!

Please take care, Huge Hugs my friends. -L


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