The new toy

Morning all, Young Master Duke, my Husband and I are reasonably well. The boys are snuggled up in bed, dreaming. I’m listening to podcasts, trying to stay awake. I went to bed really early yesterday, with a sunburn and a giggle.

First things first, the riding lawn mower is here!!!!!!!!! Woot woot woot! I was talking on the phone with my buddy, and he was complaining about people trying to under bid his mower. This is the buddy who is moving to Arkansas. This was back in March when he was selling it. I asked how much, and he told me. Instantly, I said, “Sold, will you take a check?” Snort. He was flummoxed. I freaked out my Husband the same moment.

Long story short, a problem for 2 households became a solution for 2 households. It was delivered on the 19th of May, and Holy Crap! This thing is a game changer. A 3-4 day torture session takes about half an hour. WOW! I had so much fun mowing, and it took longer to learn how to run the beast than to run it.

The sun burn was my own fault. It was one of the few times I wore modern clothing, and my feet were in sandals. It’s not a bad burn, but it is bad enough I woke up early to treat my feet. Gold Bond lotion to the rescue!

I now have a machine that can get me to the back reaches of the back yard, and I can haul things around much easier. I’m tickled pink, blue and orange! Happy wiggles all around!

On that note, I hope you are well, please take care of you today. Now my biggest crisis is that the lawn isn’t growing fast enough. Snort. -L


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