I’d do some shady things for a bucket of kfc

Morning all, still in craving mode, and I’m thinking back to some kfc we had recently. My mouth is watering over the thought of biscuits, hot fluffy biscuits. I want some of that chicken, and the coleslaw… Sighs. I’m whiny.

The fellas are awake. Young Master Duke is out watering the grass, and my Husband is having his morning coffee and cigarette. I’m just trying to figure out what to do with myself when I am stuck today.

I think I will finish some projects, and perhaps catch up on a book or two. There’s nothing that says I can’t sit outside with Duke while I wait. Maybe I can grab my sketchbook and pencil roll and scribble for awhile. We will see.

Meanwhile, I’ve caught up on the podcasts I’ve been listening to, and I’m a few chapters in on Dead Man’s Walk by Larry McMurtry. I acquired it on one of my hunts through town. If I didn’t have to avoid humanity, I’d love to go on another hunt. There are thrift stores I haven’t hit in quite awhile. Who knows, maybe there is something scrummy there. However, if I leave, there is also the temptation to go hit a drive through and just screw up everything.

I’ve been playing with my Amazon wish lists again, but it’s nothing important. I have a wish list for books that I really want to add to the library. I have another for household things. I am tempted, sorely tempted to add the unimaginable items I don’t have room for to the list, but I need to keep it pared down.

I do need some book shelves for some reason though.

Hugs my friends, take care. Please get your checkups done, get your eyes taken care of, and go see your dentist if you can. I want the best for you, always. -L