Craving, but, I just gotta wait.

Morning all, I’m settled in with a coffee and the oil lantern is on. My beloved Husband and Young Master Duke are asleep. I’d be camping, but… I’m in the beginning stages of a medical procedure prep. I am just staying close to the necessary.

My next me I’m craving pretty damned bad right now. At this point, one of those crispy crust pizzas that work in my toaster oven would be scrummy, with a side of corn, and an ice cream cone for dessert.

Earlier, I was swapping between loaded baked potatoes, fried chicken, cooked carrots and cooked green beans as sides with apple crisp for dessert. Crap, now I am craving baked eggs, hash browns, crispy bacon and a cinnamon roll or toast slathered with strawberry jam.

I’m looking forward to that. Please take care of you, and for crying out loud, can you please have a bowl of cottage pie for me? Or some chili with tortilla chips and a side of something nummy? Or maybe even a plate of spaghetti?

Hugs my friends, I am okay. Take care. -L


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